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The Blue Box Group story opens in 1986 with the incorporation of Blue Box, specialised in the production of air conditioning plants for large spaces. Rapid growth due to the enormous success that the company had on the market thanks to the revolutionary move in 1987 into the design and manufacture of chillers with screw compressors, being the first manufacturer in Italy to realize the benefit of this product destined to leave a mark on the entire industry.

Lambda Echos

Air conditioners and air het pumps roof-top

The result of an integration of technologies and precise design choices along with innovative production methods, LAMBDA ECHOS is the perfect solution for air treatment in largescale settings with extensive spaces to heat and cool and high and variable traffic flow, such as shopping centres, multiplex cinemas, exhibition pavilions, and convention centres. The innovative Roof-Top model by Blue Box is designed to satisfy the widest range of needs, as it incorporates in a single product functions that are usually performed by different

Practical and reliable, LAMBDA ECHOS is submitted to numerous efficiency tests before being shipped and is delivered ready to use.

The use of the eco-friendly refrigerant R410A is particularly advantageous: the best parameters for limiting the greenhouse effect, a reduced fluid charge, as well as high performance in terms of heat exchange, thanks to the excellent thermodynamic characteristics of the gas.


Precision air conditioners for technological environments

• Precision and reliability

• R410A refrigerant

• High energy efficiency

Long and intensive work by the Blue Box Research and Development team has led to the creation of the DATATECH series, precision air-conditioners that guarantee safe working conditions for data centres, computer rooms and other technological applications that require a high level of sensible heat elimination and precise temperature and humidity control.

Precision and reliability

The performance of complex high-tech equipment must be guaranteed by precise thermal-hygrometric parameters of the environment, and in this context the choice of a unit able to guarantee precise and reliable air-conditioning is crucial. DATATECH is the result of precision design, careful selection of materials and components, long and strict laboratory tests. The units are produced using cutting-edge construction processes and are submitted to numerous testing operations prior to shipping.

Water Heaters

Extensive Configurability

Developed for use in the widest variety of plants, DATATECH offers more than 1000 possible configurations: versions with air delivery upwards and downwards, with operation with direct expansion and air or water condensation, with chilled water battery, in dual-cooling or free-cooling mode. All the versions can be integrated with a vast range of accessories, such as EC fans, electronic thermostatic valve, various degrees of air filtration, and fire and smoke detectors. DATATECH is therefore able to respond specifically to the various installation requirements.

The rapid evolution of high-tech equipment, increasingly compact and high-performance, has also led to the need for greater rigidity in terms of the ideal ambient conditions in which these devices can operate. DATATECH air-conditioners have been expressly designed to maintain the required thermal-hygrometric values, removing the excess heat and maintaining the humidity within the established tolerance limits. This ensures that the ideal conditions for correct operation of the most delicate equipment are maintained